Assault Class
Assault class
Assault Class


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The Assault class specializes in frontal assaults on hardened enemy positions. He utilizes an assault rifle or shotgun as his main weapon, while donning heavy armor. The Assault is great at exploiting weaknesses in enemy positions with his heavy armor and high health. The Blitz ability can be used to quickly advance, penetrating deep into enemy lines whilst the Active Denial System (ADS) can be used both in and out of cover to suppress enemy players allowing team mates to advance with relative impunity.

The Assault also helps increase the life-expectancy of his allies through his squad supports. Hardened Armor allows for increased mitigation whilst Combat Regen allows for limited healing of non-lethal damage over time.


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Assault Rifles are the workhorse of the Assault class and provide well-rounded short to medium range firepower. Assault rifles tend to have a lower rate of fire (RoF) than equivalent tier sub machine guns, but have increased damage per round to compensate. For longer-range engagements, single-shot and burst-fire mode weapons such as the Mk 16 are viable choices whilst for close quarter combat (CQC) the F2000 and As Val are ideal.

For short-range engagements the assault can turn to a range of powerful combat shotguns providing devastating CQC potential and the uncanny ability to eliminate opponents in as little as a single shot. A head-shot from the NS2000 will provide the desired effect, as will repeated blasts from the rapid-firing M1014 to the well-rounded KPS-12.


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Assaults have full access to both Light and Heavy body armor, allowing for the same amount of protection as the other classes. However, Assaults have the highest health pool and thus can take the largest amount of punishment.


Blitz can be used to assault enemy positions at high speeds by rushing at people with a frontal ballistic shield, knocking down enemies, rendering them unable to move or shoot for a period of time.

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ADS can be used to suppress enemy movement and fire, neutralizing enemy positions for the duration.

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Squad SupportEdit

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The Assault Abilites

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Ghost Recon Online Assault Class North America-F2P

Ghost Recon Online Assault Class North America-F2P

Assault Class Focus Video

Ghost Recon Online Combat Footage Entry

Ghost Recon Online Combat Footage Entry

The Blitz Ability

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