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Optics are an attachment that can be added for zoom or increased visibility while aiming down sights.

Avaible Zooms:









Barrel AttachmentsEdit

  • Flash Suppressor: Reduces muzzle flash and the smoke emitted from the barrel, giving the operator a clearer view downrange while firing. Gives a small bonus to control but increases the weapon's ready time by 0.05 seconds. A basic flash suppressor may be already attached to many weapons upon purchase from the store.
  • Muzzle Brake: Provides a hefty bonus to control but increases the weapon's ready time by 0.1 seconds. This also alters the muzzle flash and produces a lot of smoke, both of which can obscure the operator's view while firing. Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Submachine muzzle flash is magnified and forms a large "X" shape, while Light Machinegun and Sniper rifle muzzle flash becomes completely horizontal but is extremely large.
  • Silencer: Reduces muzzle flash, muzzle report, and the vapor trails that bullets create. Also has the side effect of increasing accuracy and control but reducing damage. Useful in maps where flanking is effective.

Underbarrel AttachmentsEdit

  • Grip: Forfeits most bonuses given by cover to give an overall reduction in recoil and a boost to control. When out of cover, accuracy and settling speed is slightly better than non-gripped weapons. Also reduces ready time by 0.1 seconds.
  • Bipod: Increases the accuracy and control bonuses given by cover and but decreases hipfire accuracy. When in cover, accuracy and settling speed is better than non bipod-equipped weapons. Also increases ready time by 0.1 seconds.

Laser DesignatorEdit

Can designate enemys and makes it easier to see cloaked recons. It also allowes you to mark points which can be seen by your teammates. It has no effects to the stats to the weapon but gives you eventually more accuracy while noscoping because of the green dot it makes.