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Attica Heights (ATTICA)Edit

Attica Heights was a new Holdout map added to Ghost Recon Online lists of maps as of build 11.0, Just before it became Ghost Recon Phantoms. The map itself mirrored so both sides are identical. The map was later redesigned to fixes some of the 'issues' with the map and also adjusting the lighting to set the mood of the map. The fixes included stairs where added so you could get back up to the top once you jumped down to the capture point. This also allowed people to back stab the enemy or 'camp' there drop in locations. It is a skyscraper located in Singapore.

Map FeaturesEdit

Attica is a rather cramped map that favors assault rifles, LMGs, and SMGs. There are two levels, one downstairs and one upstairs.

Lower Level:There is a drop down area on both sides, that allow players to quickly move onto the point. There is also a stair case leading down onto the point. Cover is rather sparse, so use the protrusions on the sides of the point.

Upper Level: The upper level is a very important strategic position. It contains a hole in the floor, allowing the players controlling the upper levels to shoot down on enemies in cover. Although risky,one can also drop down onto the point from the upper level, to either stall a capture or to flank enemies. Also, Blackout can be used upstairs to cripple the enemies on point below.

Indianbagel (talk) 18:35, June 2, 2015 (UTC)


Generally, the majority of the team should go downstairs to capture the point, while one or two players head to the upper level. The lower team should be aware of enemy positions through scan, and advance using APS, BLITZ, or BLACKOUT. The upper team, should prevent enemies from reaching the hole while providing overhead fire down on the enemies in cover. Played correctly, there should be more allies than enemies on the cap, allowing for point capture. LMGs,Shotguns, and SMGs are advised on the upper level, due to extreme close quarters. The lower levels accomodate most weapons. It is extremely difficult to advance without class skills on the bottom levels, because of the coverless sections.

Tips: Use Blackout directly above the enemy positions to disrupt them from relative safety.

It is possible to flank the enemies downstairs by pushing through the upper level, allowing you to either drop down to the side of enemies, or climb downstairs to get behind the enemies. CLOAK or BLITZ makes this much easier to achieve.

Indianbagel (talk) 18:35, June 2, 2015 (UTC)

Screen ShotsEdit

Overhead View