Classes are the main stay of the game. They each have their own weaknesses and strengths, specific weaponry, and specialized abilities. It is essential for a team to have a diverse class setup in order to win. The only three things the classes have in common is that they all have secondary pistols, grenades, and unique abilities. The player selects their respective class (Assault/Recon/Support) before going into a match.  Once in a match, the player may only use the selected class for the duration of the match.  The only thing(s) the player can change in a live match are their weapons and abilities.  There are 50 levels in each class.


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The Assault class is the premier offensive fighter. Their main role is front-line combat, to be in the thick of the action. They are the slowest of all the classes, but possess the most armor by default. Assault operators' choice of weaponry include Assault Rifles and Shotguns.

Abilities available for this class include Blitz and ADS. Blitz allows the player to rush an opponent with a shield and knock him down. HEAT causes a microwave effect which stuns the enemy and if in very low health will kill the opponent.


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The Recon class is light fast and nimble with their light armor. Their main role is to provide long-range support, set-up ambushes, and data gathering. Recons have access to Sniper Rifles and Sub Machine Guns (S.M.Gs), but some psudo-Assault Rifle options as well.

The abilities available for the class is Cloak and SCAN. Cloak renders the player invisible to some extent for some period of time. SCAN is a sonar like technology that detects the enemy and highlights them for you and your teammates.


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The Support class does just what its name suggests, designed to provide their teammates a tactical advantage through the use of their devices, weapons, and squad perks. Such personnel carry medium armor by default, which gives them a balance of maneuverability and protection. They are a fairly well-rounded class being adept offense and defense. Specialists have access to Light Machine Guns (L.M.G) and Shotguns, but also access some psudeo-Assault Rifle options later on.

Abilities available to this class are Blackout and A.P.S. Blackout is an area of effect E.M.P discharge that stuns your opponents and fries their abilities. A.P.S is a force-field that is generated in a bubble format and deflects bullets and grenades. The grenade explosion however is not deflected, so the user and other teammates inside the A.P.S bubble will take damage if within range of the explosion. The bubble is big enough to encapsulate several teammates as well as the user that generated it.


Ghost Recon Online Class Overview North America

Ghost Recon Online Class Overview North America

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