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Turns on an optic camouflage device that bends light around the wearer. This ability renders the player almost invisible, though fast movements result in visual distortions that enemy players can pick up on. Cloak also makes an audible activation sound, so alert players may realize that a cloaked Recon is nearby from the sound effects or footsteps approaching them. Also note that cloak has about a 1 second delay before completely concealing the wearer. NOTE: during this charge up time, your device energy does drain.
Cloak, unlike other class' abilities, can be toggled on and off at will, starting with small distortions that result in complete invisibility. Cloak steadily uses energy while active, more so when the player starts moving quickly.
Players can be detected and highlighted by both Scan and Motion Detector, reducing the effectiveness of being completely invisible. Scan can be countered by moving to areas that are not in coverage of the Scan ping, while Motion Detector can be countered by not running.
Players can also be spotted via the HEAT infrared overlay that the Assault class has. ADS will de-cloak the player.
Firing a shot results in the cloak coming off immediately, though Combat Cloak adds a small chance to allow the player to continue being Cloaked while shooting.
Being shot while cloaked depletes the entire energy bar, regardless of how much energy is remaining. Attempting to cloak while escaping from combat is risky as you are visible for a few seconds after cloak is engaging.
Cloak can be upgraded with Power Cells (ideal for SMG Recons), Combat Kit (ideal for both SMG and Sniper Recons), and a Energy Recycler.
Many players have an irrational dislike of cloak and will ask, demand, and/or spout obscenities until players switch to scan. (see: Scan [addiction]) This is partly due to their inability to play without scan and partly due to the fact that they are unobservant and fail to spot the cloak blur. In either case, it is an argument based on an inference objection perpetuated by the same players who fail to understand cloak is an ability and twitching is a glitch but are happy to do that. Kudos.


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See Device Upgrades for more information.