Iron sights are a system of shaped alignment markers used to assist the user in aiming and are included on most guns in Ghost Recon Online. They may prove preferable to optic sights when trying to lower weapon drawtime or if you are expecting close combat situations regularly. Sniper rifles do not have iron sights. Some weapons that start with a optic sight (such as the Pentagun or the As Val's long-range variant) will gain iron sights once the optic sight is removed, lowering their drawtime and increasing their capacity in close quarters.

The spread indicators are not transparent and will lay on top of the weapon's inherent iron sights, giving a good indicator of what general area you're firing on. Iron Sights are extremely useful when combined with a Laser Designator, as the red square of a "locked-on" target can be seen through the iron sight itself, making it easier to keep shots on a moving target even if your sights/muzzle flash are directly blocking them.

Sniper ScopesEdit

Sniper Rifles do not use iron sights insted, by default, they use a low power 4x zoom sniper scope.

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