The L86A1 Light Support Weapon is a member of a British family of weapons known as SA80, or Small Arms for the Eighties. Intended to replace the FN FAL as the service rifle of the United Kingdom, it was first put into service in 1987 and has seen an additional upgrade from Heckler and Koch to create the A2 series. In comparison to its sister rifle, the L85, the L86 sports a longer barrel, a rear pistol grip, a shoulder trap, and a smaller hand guard. While the L86 was intended to be used for fire support at the fireteam level, it has been replaced by the FN Minimi; the L86 now fulfills the role of a Designated Marksman Rifle.

This weapon is the fourth second tier of LMGs for the Support Class, and is a break from previous LMGs by being more similar to an Assault Rifle. Its key defining feature is its fairly high good accuraccy across all variants although the L86 SD WAR has outstanding accuraccy at mid to long range even while firing in full automatic fire mode, along with well-balanced statistics across the board, including a moderately good ready time, making it extremely versitile even at high levels. The family's main flaw are its low-capacity magazines, which can be remedied with the C-mag, at the cost of mobility.


  • There are two WAR Variants of the L86 which are the L86A1 LSW WAR and the L86 SD WAR
  • The L86A1 LSW WAR was released first in the Spoils of War pack.
  • The L86 SD WAR was released in the second content pack War Reloaded.