The Benelli M4 Super 90, or known in GRO by its USMC designation the M1014, is an Italian semi-automatic shotgun designed by Benelli Amri SpA in 1998. The first gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun by Benelli, its unique internal mechanism, dubbed ARGO (Auto Regulating Gas Operated), acheives its excellent durability through its simplicity. It has seen service in both civilian and military forces and has seen combat in Iraq and Afganistan.


  • This is the Tier 2 shotgun for the Specialist Support and Assault classes, the M1014 is a well-rounded semi-automatic shotgun good in many situations.
  • The base variant (modmaster) sports a good balance of rate of fire, magazine size, damage , and manueverability and the CQC variant is infamous for it's mix of fire rate of fire and quick ready times.