Formally known as Light Machinegun, 5.56mm, M249, this famous weapon is the American version of the Minimi developed by Fabrique National d'Herstal of Belgium. It has been used in any American-involved military conflict since its adoption in 1984. Despite reports of dirt and sand clogs, it has proved itself to be reliable and remains in service even with the USMC starting its Infantry Automatic Rifle program.

The M249 series is the third first tier of LMGs for the Specialist Support. This family of LMGs sports the highest rate of fire out of all the LMGs available, and despite having the lowest per-bullet damage, sports one of the highest DPS values in the game, second to the 6P41 series. It's high speed can be a doubled-edged sword: magazines hold only 100 rounds, meaning an unwary shooter can run dry extremely quickly. Because of its high-speed/low-damage nature, M249s rely on sustained fire to be at their most effective, rather than single shots.


  • The Mk 46 is the first tier of unlockable Light Machine Guns (which the player receives for free).
  • The modmaster version took on the MK 46 variant of the gun.
  • The correct real life name for the MK 46 is Mk 46 Mod 0 which is a variant of the M294 Light Machine Gun.
  • There are still some M249 versions available in the game from Mystery boxes and shop specials.
  • The MK 48 is a scaled up version of the MK 46 chambered in 7.62mm.
  • M249-H Para BLK is a unique Tier IX (9) weapon which was released in the Black Edition weapons pack.