The Model 500 series is a line of pump-action shotguns developed and produced by O.F. Mossberg and Sons since 1960. With many options for barrels, chokes, and furniture, the 500 series has been used for military, law enforcement, sport, and self-defense. While the USMC has moved to the semi-automatic M1014, the US Army still uses the M590A1.


  • GI (General Issue) weapon which is automatically given to the Specialist Support and Assault classes.
  • The M500 is the only shotgun that comes standard with a reflex small 1x sight, all other shotgun tiers come with iron sights only by default.
  • Although slow, the M500 is quite powerful and is capable of killing most enemies in a single shot, making it a good training platform for beginning operators to hone their skills.
  • The M500-H Tier X was release on the 03-03-2015 to infinite pack uses only!
  • The M500-H SV FC was release on the 18-03-2015.
  • The M500-H is the second shotgun to have armour piercing value (25%) the first being the PM5-H SV BLK.