The Stoner 96 is a light machinegun developed by Eugene Stoner and manufactued by Knight's Armament Company. As a replacement for the Stoner 63 LMG, it failed to reach high levels of popularity when the FN Minimi was chosen as the Squad Automatic Weapon for the US Military. However, it still sees use by the Royal Danish Navy and various Private Military Corporations.

This weapon is the second tier unlocked for the Specialist Support. The M96 family is a fairly controllable platform, with SV and C variants which can be tailored to long- and short-range engagements respectively. While the SV and Original variants are effectively upgrades from the Mk5 and its series, the M96 is slightly harder to control. Of note, M96 machine guns have the highest ammunition count for any MG as it is the only MG in-game that is capable of using a 150-round box. When paired with it's moderate rate of fire and decent accuracy, it is well-suited for supression roles.


  • M96 was removed as the Tier 2 Light Machinegun support weapon.
  • It was later revamped as the new M96-H variant and added as a Tier 9 weapon.