The MG4, or the MG43 prior to its adoption by the Bundeswehr in 2005, is a belt-fed light machinegun designed and produced by Heckler & Koch in the 1990s. Built on similar principles to the FN Minimi, the MG4 is deployed as platoon-level fire support and is in use by Germany, Portugal, South Africa, and Spain.

This weapon is the fifth third tier of LMGs for the Specialist Support Class. It is a jack-of-all-trades LMG, having no real focus but being able to fulfill any role as needed. It is also the only LMG with a burst fire function, allowing it to engage in long-range fights as needed. Operators will need to keep in mind the flow of battle and change their tactics appropriately in order to maximize effectiveness.


  • The MG4 SV PN (Phantom) takes the MG4's balanced attributes and focuses it for long-range engagements. It is especially suited for burst-fire.
  • The MG4 OPM (Omega) trades off control for increased rate of fire, making it a close-range powerhouse.
  • The MG4-H SP BKG is a unique Tier X (10) weapon which was released in the Black Guard weapons pack.