The Kahr P series is a product line of double action only (DAO) hammerless, striker-fired, short recoil operated, semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Kahr Arms.The target market for the P line is the civilian concealed carry firearms market, as well as being intended as backup weapons for law enforcement officers.

When the first Kahr pistols appeared on the market in 1994 they were constructed entirely of carbon steel. Early Kahr models such as the K9 were praised as well-made and solidly constructed, but criticized for their excessive weight, which is a disadvantage in a weapon intended for concealed carry. Kahr attempted to address these concerns by introducing a line of polymer framed models.

The Kahr P45 chambered in .45 ACP comes in two different styles; all matte black or black frame with a stainless slide. Both styles come standard with drift adjustable, white bar-dot combat sights but can also be purchased with drift adjustable tritium night sights.