The Valtro PM5 is an Italian pump-action shotgun designed by Valtro in the 1980s and is still produced today by Benelli. In addition to being lightweight and reliable, the PM5 is unique amongst pump-action shotguns for having a detachable box magazine rather than a tube magazine. Despite imports of the PM5 being banned, it is still in use in various police and military forces in Europe, such as the French Navy.

The Valtro PM-5 is available with either a fixed stock or a folding stock. It is unusual in that it takes a detachable box magazine. Both 7- and 10-round magazines have been manufactured, although the 7-round magazine is much more common.

They are reportedly actually manufactured by Benelli. Import has been banned for several years now but are used in Europe by numerous Security forces.

Renowned for their simplicity, lightweight and reliability, this pump action 12 ga. shotgun has sold on the US market for as much as $1200.00.


  • Being a Tier 1 (previously Tier 3) weapon for the Specialist Support and Assault classes, the PM5 is a well-rounded pump-action shotgun, good in most conditions and ranges. It is also the only magazine-loaded pump action, providing quick reloads on a weapon with execelent stopping power. All variants have their fans, but the PM5-350, the close-quarters variant, is notorious for it's combination of quick ready time and damage.
  • The base PM5 in-game uses a traditional stock instead of its usual pistol grip and stock.
  • The seven-round magazine has been reduced to six.
  • The PM5-H SV BLK is a unique Tier IX (9) weapon which was released in the Black Edition weapons pack.
  • The PM5-H SV BLK is the first shotgun to feature a Armor Piercing value (20%), no other shotguns currently has an Armor Piercing value.