The Pentagun is a semi-automatic shotgun similar to to the LAPA FA-03 bullpup rifle and was developed and produced by ENARM of Brazil and used by Brazilian Special Forces. A variant known as the AM-402, manufactured by Quimica Tupan, is a less-than-lethal model used by law enforcement. Despite what its name might suggest, it holds six rounds in its unique revolver magazine.

Unlocked at level 5 for both the Specialist and Assault classes, the Pentagun serves as the first semi-automatic shotgun for beginning players to get used to. Though lacking in damage and quite hefty to bring around, the Pentagun's rate of fire is sufficient for taking down opponents.


  • Was previously Tier II (2) and removed from the game along with all Tier 2 weapons.
  • Was later updated and reinterduced as Pentagun-H tier IX (9)