The SR-25 (Stoner Rifle-25) is a semi-automatic sniper rifle designed by Eugene Stoner and manufactured by Knight's Armament Company. The SR-25 uses a rotating bolt and a direct impingement gas system. It is loosely based on Stoner's AR-10, rebuilt in its original 7.62×51mm NATO caliber. Up to 60% of parts of the SR-25 are interchangeable with the AR-15 and M16—everything but the upper and lower receivers, the hammer, the barrel assembly and the bolt carrier group.

The SR-25 is the first of two four semi-automatic rifles available. It's per-shot damage is the lowest of all the rifles available to the recon, but has the second highest rate of fire. Breaking the traditional, faraway mindset of previous rifles, the SR-25 excels at mid-range as a squad marksman's rifle. Recons who like to stick closely to the team and provide accurate shots quickly will find themselves at home.