The Ultimax 100 is a Singaporean light machinegun developed by Chartered Industries of Singapore (now known as Singapore Technologies Kinetics) with the help of an American, L. James Sullivan, in 1982. While the Mk 3 version is in use in Singapore, Croatia, and the Phillippines, the Mk 4 and Mk 5 versions that were developed for the United States Marine Corp Infantry Automatic Rifle Program were rejected.

This weapon was previously is the starting LMG for the Support Class, and Mk 3, Mk 4, and Mk 5 versions present in the game and is currently unobtainable outside of Limited Edition sales. The Ultimax 100 Mk 5 (known as just Mk 5) is now the starting LMG for the Support Class. It's low rate of fire and high degree of control allows it to hold its own in short- to medium-range engagements and is suitable for supressive fire.


  • Given to starting Supports, the MK 5 is a good starter LMG that has good accurate but has slow rate of fire, yet still being a flexible weapon at its tier.
  • Only the MK 5 GI Variant is available to players, the MK 3 varrients where removed.
  • The MK 5 GI has limited modability compared to higher tier modmaster weapons.
  • The MK 5-H Tier X was release on the 03-03-2015 to infinite pack uses only!
  • MK 5-H SP FC was rleased on the 18-03-2015.